Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What a weekend!

This weekend my friend Kasey and I and Wes went to Waco, Tx to a barrel race! We had lots of fun. It was the first one back for me scents I was 5 months pregnant. I was so ready. We did ok Kasey came back for Sunday and I won $65.00 in the incentive race O YA! My mom, sis, Mac and Gran came to watch Wes will I ran! Loved seeing them all. O ya and let me just tell you what happened to me. Ok we came home Friday night and the boys (Jack and Andy) worked on our bath room which is a nether story in it self. They had it all done it looked great. Then Saturday they were going huntin in the morning and then they went to Andy's house to work on staking out the barn and moving the horses. HA HA! So they did get the barn staked out but that is about it. Well here is our Saturday we both had good runs in Waco and the boys where fixing us stakes!!! and sea food!!! We went by the house to drop of the horse and then Kasey took my truck to get a bale of hay and some beer. I took her truck and trailer and Wes and I headed for there house. So Ok my phone has not worked all day I left it in Kasey's truck the night before! So it is DEAD!!! I get half way to Kasey's and I hear a weird noise out side the truck well there is a car behind me! So I just assume it is them thanking the hole time wish that car would pass me cant stand the noise! The car turns off and I still hear the noise so I drive on the the hole trailer starts rocking OMG what the HELL! CRAP! The right back tier had blown out! Ok here it is 10:30 pm . I am tired and hungry and so is Wes. Here we are on the side of the rode with NO PHONE!! SHIT SHIT SHIT! that is all I can thank. Ok calm down Kasey will come by in a min and we can jump in the truck with her! So Wes and I just set and wait and wait then we see her yes! So Kasey and I both get out and asses the situation. By this time Wes is crying and we are all ready to go home. We call the Boy's and they have been Drinking the are of no use what so ever! So we decided to go on to the house slowly! We finely get there at 11:30! thank GOD! O Kasey the thing we get in to!! But we still have fun!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

This is a pic of the loves of my life! the 2 boy and the Horse! dont forget the Horse! Yes mom I know there is no hope for me!

This is my little man! Wes was born 2-24-2008 and that was the best day of my life! He is so much fun! I never knew I could love something so much!